Elastomeric Insulated Cable

Trailing Cable Supplier In Delhi

n keeping with the company's commitment to technological advancement, elastomeric materials such as Polychloroprene(PCP), Chloro-Sulphonated polyethelene(CSP), Nitrile Rubber, Ethylene Propylene Rubber( EPR), Ethylene Vinyle Acetate (EVA) have been specially compounded to meet numerous heat, oil and fire resisting requirements.


Trailing cables are specially designed for reeling-unreeling purpose and is mostly used in material handling application. As a common norm, these cables are manufactured and supplied with EPR insulation and PCP sheath.

Silicon Cables

Silicone rubber insulation has excellent properties and high thermal resistance. It can with stand maximum cord temperature of 150/180 deg C for continuous operation and 350 degree C for short-circuit. It can withstand minimum working temperature of -55C. It maintains circuit continuity even in fire because Silicone Rubber burns into an insulating ash. It is resistant to moisture, ozone radiation and chemicals.

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