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XLPE Insulated Power Cable

XIPE cable is also regarded as a cross-linked polyethylene cable. These cables were introduced into Indian markets in the mid-60s. These cables are the best insulator of heat and have high insulation resistance. These cables are suitable for transmitting and distributing energy because they have high corrosion resistance power under a polluted atmosphere. And also have good resistance power against alkalis and chemicals. It also has a high moisture retaining resistance capacity when compared with PVC insulated cables. It has fulfilled all the limitations of PVC insulated cables. 

Xlpe cables are widely used in building services, pipework systems, hydronic radiant heating and cooling systems, domestic water piping, etc. There are various xlpe cable suppliers in India who aim at providing the best xlpe cables which suit well to various types of applications and meet the customer’s requirements.

Advantages of xlpe cables over PVC insulated cables

If you compare various xlpe cables over PVC insulated cables, you will find many reasons to say that xlpe cables are best. Below listed some benefits which will help you to determine why xlpe cable exporters in Delhi are the best.

  • Higher current rating – Xlpe cable provides a continuous temperature of 900c whereas PVC insulated cables can only have the capacity to provide 700c. It simply clears that having an xlpe cable is very beneficial in providing high current.

  • Higher overload capacity – To have xlpe wires and cables are very advantageous. Xlpe cables can operate beyond 1300c current whereas having PVC insulated cables will be a disadvantage in emergencies because they can’t even go beyond 1200c current.

  • Higher short circuit rating – Various xlpe cables provide a temperature of up to 2500c for short circuits, which PVC insulated cables can not provide. Xlpe cables give outstanding accomplishment from other wires and cables.

  • Easy joining & termination – Xlpe cables unlike PVC insulated cables do not require any extra wires and cables for installation, joining, and termination.

  • Better impact, abrasion, and corrosion resistance – Xlpe cables are very safe as compared with PVC insulated cables. Xlpe cable supplier in India provides better abrasion, impact, and corrosion power against any mechanical damage and destruction.

  • Lightweight and smaller bending radius – Xlpe cables are very light in weight than PVC insulated cables. These cables can be fixed in very small and rigid spaces, unlike other wire and cable exporters.

These points can help you make a difference between the xlpe cables and PVC insulated cables. You can see that in every point xlpe cables are an only advantageous and safer option for varieties of construction and pipeworks. But not only xlpe cables are best, but you also need to choose the best xlpe cable exporter in Delhi, India to get the best after-sale services of repairing, warranty and other things. It will be better if you look on to the various services and properties they provide in their xlpe cables.

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