All That you need to know about PVC insulated Cables


Polyvinyl Chloride also known as PVC is one of the widely used materials for mass production of various goods. There are mainly two forms of polyvinyl chloride. Rigid from b. Flexible form. Polyvinyl Chloride in its rigid form is sure to produce pipes, bottles objects, insulated cables, inflatable products, artificial leather, and much more. This synthetic plastic polymer is versatile and flexible as well. The high tensile strength of Polyvinyl Chloride along with its dynamic properties makes it easy to use PVC for home appliances, circuit wiring, submarines, power supply solutions, and much more.
Here are some reasons why PVC insulated Cables are highly preferred across various industries:

1. Heat retardant: This is one of the most important characteristics of PVC insulated cables. The PVC cables are flame resistant making them an apt choice for electrical cables. One can customize PVC insulated cables for resistance to oil, lubricants, and various Alkalis as well. This makes PVC insulated Cables an ideal choice for various electrical components and industrial wiring.

2. Versatile: PVC insulated Cables are highly versatile. They offer great flexibility to the user. These cables are available in an abundance of colour, design, and size options. You can also choose between single-core insulated cable and multi-core insulated cable to meet your exact requirement.

3. Durable: PVC insulated cables are highly durable, they remain unaffected for years and years. They are also resistant to sunlight and smoke emissions as well. Once installed properly PVC insulated wires offer great peace of mind.

4. Easy to Extrude: PVC insulated cables are very easy to extrude, they facilitate cross circulations within the circuit and reduce stress in electrical components. PVC insulated cables seamlessly extrude multi-layers and improve the overall functioning too.

5. Resistant to extreme temperature: A PVC insulated cable can withstand extreme temperature optimally. The typical temperature range of an insulated PVC cable ranges from -40 degrees to 105 degrees Celsius. Apart from this PVC insulated cables have great water-resistant power.

6. Electrolytic corrosion: PVC insulated cables are tough and sturdy. They have good resistance to chemicals and any electrolyte corrosion. The vibrations in the circuit or electrical devices do not affect PVC insulated cables.

7. Cost-Effective: PVC insulated cables are cost-effective solutions for varied electrical applications. They can be used in multiple ways to meet varied requirements. The resilient sheath, flexibility, and fire resistant property of PVC insulated Cables make them an apt choice for multiple electrical applications.

8. Low losses – PVC insulated cables reduce internal stress and reduce dielectric losses that make such cables robust for use in long-distance transmissions as well. These insulated cables also provide insulation against all kinds of electrical faults.

Increasingly, PVC insulated cables are used for various electrical equipment used for industrial as well as domestic use. Technological advances have led to the development of different types of modified PVC cables that can carry high voltage electrical signals useful for automobiles, industrial, or the telecommunications sector.
So, if you need flexible, cost-effective, insulated cables for carrying electrical or optical distances over long distances, PVC cables are the ideal choice.

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