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Uniprene Cables

Wiring cables for Aircraft and Ships

Mansfield manufactures comprehensive range of air-frame wiring and ancillary cables to meet conditions of air-frame wiring and ancillary cables to meet conditions of aircraft and ships. Cables conforming to B. I. S., British Standards or defence specifications can be supplied in accordance  with customer requirements
also supplies minature cables and flexible equipment wires for testing/Laboratory purposes apart from composite and Grab cables.

The cables are resistant to Toxic Vapour, oils and heart and are robust with other distinctive properties. Many aircrafts wiring cables are also suitable for industrial applications.

The Cables are designed to operate upto 1100 Volts at frequencies upto 1600 Hz. Current ratings are given at 50 Hz. Certain sizes of cables types and codes for manufacture are identified by printing on the outer sheath. Various other constructions and finishes are also available as per specific requirements.
Pren Aircraft Wiring Cables
Mansfield Pren aircraft wiring cables which are suitable for use at established conductor temperature upto 90oC, conform in all respects to BS: 2E: 21 (Pren type electrical cable for aircraft).
Cable Designations

The types of cables available are:

» Pren: Single core cables having tinned copper conductors covered with a glass fiber and polychloroprene insulation. Multicore cables consist of single core cables laid together and having an overall glass fibre braid with a lacquer varnish finish.
» Prenal: Single core cables similar to Pren but having an aluminium conductor in place of tinned copper.
» Prenmet: Single core and Multicore cables similar to pren with an overall braid of tinned copper wires
In the manufacture of cables, standard lay down operating procedures at each and every stage are followed to achieve quality. For quality end products, control starts from proper design of the product. All raw materials are selected carefully and only materials of high quality are used in production. Having done this, stage wise inspection is done to ensure conformity with relevant Indian/International Standards.
Stage-Wise Inspection
Wire Drawing : Wire diameter
Quality of joints in the wire
Stranding of Wires : Quality of joints in the wire
Compactness of conductor
Shape of conductor
Resistance of Conductor
Direction of Lay
Insulation : Dimension over Insulation
Thickness of Insulation
Surface defects
Curing ; Hot Seat Test
Tensile Strength & elongation (for XLPE insulation)
Laying Up : Sequence of Cores
Direction of Lay
Diameter over laid up cores
Inner Sheath   Thicknesss of Sheath
Diameter over Sheath
Surface Uniformity
Armouring :   Diameter of Wires
Dimension of Strips
Direction of lay, Coverage
Porosity, quality of Joints of wires
Outer Sheath   Thickness of Sheath
Diameter over Sheath
Tightness of Sheath
Ovality, Eccentricity, Porosity
The tests on cables have been classified broadly in four categories as follows:
Routine Tests
Tests carried out on each Cable to check the requirement which are likely to vary during production.
Type Tests
Tests carried out to prove conformity with the specification. These are intended to prove the general qualities and design of a given type of cable.
Acceptance Tests
Tests carried out on samples taken from a lot for the purpose of acceptance of the lot.
Optional Tests
Special tests are carried out when required by agreement between the purchaser and the manufacturer. Special tests required for FRLS Cables can also be carried out at our works i.e. Halogen gas generation test to IEC-754 (part-1) , Smoke generation test to ASTMD-2843, Oxygen Index test and Temperature Index test to AS T MD -2863, Flammability test to (1) IEC -332-3., flame resistant test to IEEE-383.
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