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Thermocouple Wire & Compensating Cables
Temperature Measurement And Control
The measurement of temperature is one of the most vital functions in manufacturing and processing operations.

Complementing its line of Electronic Instrumentation Cable Mansfield now provides the industry with a complete range of Thermocouple Grade wire & thermocouple extension wire & cable for manufacturing and process control to sense & transmit temperature measurements. The cables are produced to the highest standards of reliability and safety established by government and industry.
At the heart of all temperature measurement is the thermocouple. Although involving very complex design parameters, the fundamental concept of all thermocouples is same. Two wires of dissimilar metals are joined together at one end .An increase in temperature creates an electromotive force (emf) or signal, which is transmitted through these wires to a monitoring device which "reads" this signal and displays it on a previously calibrated meter of digital device.

The monitoring device is usually at a location some distance away from the actual thermocouple. To connect the thermocouple to the monitor requires wire or cable (for multiple thermocouple installations) that will maintain the integrity of the tremperature-emf signal generated by the primary wires in the thermocouple.

Conducter Materials

The range and accuracy of temperature measurement are dependent on the conductor material employed. Pairs of various metal alloys will react differently with changes in temperature.
Compensating Cables
Compensating cables (Thermo Couple Extension Wire) are a pair of different metal wires having temperature/Voltage characteristics relative to the thermo couple with which the wires are intended to be used. Both the conductors of extension cables consist partially of the same material as thermocouple and partially of special metal having, the same thermo voltage as wires of thermocouples.
Compensating Cables are generally flat having 2 cores (positive and negative different colours) each core electrically and thermally insulated and sheathed as per user's requirements. The general insulation and sheathing is done by following materials.
» PVC Insulated PVC sheathed
» Cores double fibre glass lapped, varnished , Fibre glass braided over all asbestoes  braided and heat proof compounded.
» PVC insulated and aesbestoes braided heat proof compounded.
» Each core twice fibre glass lapped, varnished and overall fibreglass braided and varnished.
Armouring is generally provided at galvanised steel wire/Tinned Copper wire/Stainless Steel wires etc.
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